Have you ever wondered what to do when in Burnaby? Well this little guide will give you a couple of fun ideas you can try on your next visit!

Burnaby is the third largest city in BC (population-wise), it is located right next to Vancouver and as is expected of a big city, it has lots of things to do…lots. So let’s look at a few.

If you are craving a glimpse of the past, try visiting the Interurban tram car 1223. This restored electric railway is located at the Burnaby Village Museum and it served the Burnaby community for a long time before it became permanently stationed for the viewing pleasure of visitors of all ages.

The Burnaby Village Museum host all sorts of unique and interesting collections such as the: ‘Strange but True’ collection; a collection dedicated to unusual tools. But moustache curlers is not the only awesome thing you will find in this museum, if that wasn’t retro enough for you, how about riding a 1912 C.W Parker Carousel? Now that is a truly amazing attraction on the grounds of the museum!

Once you have satisfied your indoor curiosity, how about exploring the great outdoors? Try going for a hike on one of the multiple mountain trail closures! Not into mountains? Okay, then go for a walk along the ocean shores. Either option will let you experience the breathtaking views of Burnaby.

Another breathtaking experience can be found a couple of minutes away from Burnaby at the Capilano Suspension Bridge, where you can stand at 230 feet above nature. You can also follow its calling to the heart of the forest and while doing this, pay special attention to your surroundings, nature will astound you with it’s beauty and abundance.

If you are the type of person that enjoys walking, but not so much the wilderness…Then you are going to love this! In Burnaby you can enjoy of nice afternoon walks on green pastures aiming at impossible little holes! Okay…okay, I admit it, I am no good at Golf…But if you are, then Burnaby is a great place to be!

From city shops to the Century Garden, Burnaby is a great place to visit. The city is alive all year round and enjoys of festivals and events throughout the seasons. So pack light, grab your pups leash and come joins us for some BC adventures in Burnaby.

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