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Ainsworth Hot springs

ainsworthhotspringsAinsworth hot springs features a very unique horseshoe cave where the hotsprings enter the resort. Guests can explore the 150′ cave where the water enters at 42C before cooling down down to about 35C for the main relaxation pools. If you are feeling extra bvrave take  a tip in the cold plunge pool for a quick wake me up.   The hotsprings are available via a day pass or with a complementary pass when staying at the resort.

The hotsprings resort features 31 rooms with a restaurant on site with numerous establishments a short drive away.

Raven Aviation – Okanagan Hangliding

Power Glider

Power Glider

Raven Aviation is nestled in lumby in the okanagan valley.  This valley is full of consistent thermals and low wind making it an ideal playground for hang gliders, paragliding and ultra lights. Last summer we had the privledge of taking the beginners hanggliding course… this introductory course started off by teaching your the basics concepts, setting up your glider and learning to fly. Later that morning you got your first taste of flight as you started running down the hill until your feet lifted off the ground and you floated through the air on your over sized hang glider… It may have only been a bunny hill but it gives you the feel of flight and makes you crave more.

A month or so later I decided to pay Randy (the Instructor) a visit and go for a flight on an ultra light.  The ultra light is a motorized version of a hang-glider which allowed you to take off from the ground. After our pre-flight check we strapped in and headed for the runway. The engines started to rev faster and faster as we propelled forward across the field, moments later we were in the air and climbing high into the morning sky. Once we were up Randy handed me the controls for my second hang glider lessons. It was an amazing feeling to be soaring through the valley with barley anything arround you, the wind rushing across my body gave me the same feeling of freedom i felt on my streebike..only this time I was thousands of feet up in the air.

If you have ever wanted to fly.. (who hasnt!).. then i would defiantly suggest taking a hang gliding lesson or going for a fun flight to get your adrenalin pumping.

Raven Avaition Website